As energy efficiency standards deadline approaches: are you ready? – October 2016

We don’t like to scaremonger but… If the property you own isn’t very energy efficient, then time is very definitely running out for you to sort it out!
The Energy Act of 2011 set out the demands: by April 2018 you will not be able to let commercial (or indeed residential) property with the lowest two ratings of EPC (F & G).
So, if you’ve not taken action so far, it’s time to make those changes. You’ve around 18 months left.
The implications of this legislation are significant and affect much of Britain’s older commercial property stock.
And it’s likely that when the new standards come into effect, it’ll only be a short while before the ladder is pulled up even further. This means that it’s absolutely essential that, if your properties are not energy-efficient, that you take urgent steps to remedy the situation.
Failure to do so could render your buildings impossible to let and have a serious impact on their resale value too.
Trading Standards Officers will be enforcing the rules and it’s looking like non-compliance could lead to some serious fines, although – and it’s not clear quite where – there may be some exemptions. One might imagine that could apply to listed buildings for instance.
So, what now if you’re not sure your buildings are compliant?
Firstly, you need to make sure you have a current EPC rating certificate. That’s something we can organise for you very quickly through our energy consultants.
Should your property be found to fall short of the necessary standard, then you need to take urgent action. And again we can help with advice on all aspects.
Maybe some urgent building work needs to be done, and we can help you work out what’s best to achieve the standards required and how to make it happen quickly and cost effectively.
Don’t delay… there’s still time but it is running out!
We can also help you access any government funding that could mitigate the costs and then manage the works for you, so that minimal disruption is caused to you and your tenants.

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Vanessa Penn

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Vanessa Penn was formerly Director of Commercial Agency for Countrywide Commercial, Bradford & Bingley and Douglas Duff part of Erinaceous Plc. Vanessa now runs her own agency Penn Commercial located in Ipswich, Suffolk Penn Commercial boasts a number of local, regional and national clients and has formed an excellent and loyal client base.
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