Moving into the “slow lane” – July 2017

This year has been phenomenally busy at Penn Commercial. Despite taking on two brilliant new staff (Sita and Robin) we’re pretty busy in this our 10th anniversary year. It’s all good news, but it keeps us on our toes!
When you’re this busy, you find yourself rushing across the region, spending hours on trains to and from London, in meetings and carrying out site appraisals.
Sometimes the day takes you out to a lovely countryside commercial property (Sycamore Farm at Sproughton being a case in point) but often as not, it’s time spent in warehouses, industrial units or business parks and driving along a busy A12 or A14.
So it’s good occasionally to take time to move into the “slow lane” and open your eyes to the fact that there’s a whole new other world going on out there.
This week, on probably one of the wettest days of the summer, we had our annual staff outing. This year we opted for a trip down the River Orwell on the delightful small river cruiser, Allen Gardiner.
(It was indeed pretty wet. No sooner had we left the berth in Ipswich docks than the clouds darkened and the rain hammered down for a good hour.)
The River Orwell, in our view, is one of the prettiest in the country. I’m fortunate to live overlooking it and I never tire of its natural beauty.
The countryside isn’t dramatic and the river isn’t fast flowing! It’s a gentle landscape with a myriad of boats and marinas, some pretty waterfront pubs, until you reach the towering cranes of the container port of Felixstowe. And that’s where you turn around to complete the three hour trip.
If you take the time to see Suffolk through the eyes of the tourist, you see a beautiful county.
It’s all too easy to take for granted just what a lovely part of the world this is and how fortunate we are to live and work here. It’s not difficult, of course, to pick holes in infrastructure, in unsightly and some ill-considered developments, in less-than-reliable rail links and easily blocked through-routes.
I’m really very passionate about this part of the country. It’s been a great place to build a business and to spend my leisure time with family and friends.
While those of us familiar with Suffolk would – in many ways – prefer that it was still the undiscovered county that it was 30 years ago, we have to accept that tourism is a big part of the county’s economy.
Even so, it’s still perfectly possible to avoid the tourist honey pots and find yourself a quiet woodland or meadow, a place to walk where you’ll only come across the occasional dog walker, or a bit of beach that’s largely deserted.
We’re really very fortunate!

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Vanessa Penn

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Vanessa Penn was formerly Director of Commercial Agency for Countrywide Commercial, Bradford & Bingley and Douglas Duff part of Erinaceous Plc. Vanessa now runs her own agency Penn Commercial located in Ipswich, Suffolk Penn Commercial boasts a number of local, regional and national clients and has formed an excellent and loyal client base.
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